Meet The Blogger | 5 Fun Facts About Me!

Welcome to Pages From a Pisces!

I’m Emily, a 27-year-old book-lover living in Denver, Colorado. I am also as quintessential of a Pisces as they come – sensitive, creative, empathetic, and often living in a fantasy world. 

I stumbled upon the BookTok and Bookstagram communities and realized that I had finally found my people! I was inspired to be more active in the community – starting my own Bookstagram and now this blog. I’d like for this to be a space where I discuss all things bookish and post reviews for the books I love and some that I maybe don’t love so much.

Before I post any of my reviews, I want to point out that I read purely for enjoyment. I’m not here to judge how much of a literary masterpiece a book is, just how much it made me cry, laugh, or sigh in delight.

I primarily read fiction; my favorite genres are romance, fantasy, historical fiction, and mystery/thrillers. I do try to read an array of genres to expand my horizons but… I like what I like. *shrug*

I wanted to make this first post a fun “get to know me” post so, below are five super random details about me as a reader.

But, before I dive into that, I want to thank you for coming to my blog! I would love nothing more than to have you on this journey with me between the pages of my favorite books. Find me on Instagram and Goodreads, and even check out my book inspired playlists on my Spotify. For now, enjoy these five fun facts!

  1. Favorite place to read: My big comfy couch – I also read in bed sometimes but try not to because that’s when I end up losing track of time and reading until 3am.
  1. Favorite drink while reading: One time, a co-worker told me she doesn’t lend her books to people who drink coffee while they read because they always spill on it. It made me laugh because, 1. it was oddly specific and, 2. that is the very reason I try to only drink water while I read (preferably sparkling). I can’t drink anything without spilling on myself so, water is the safest option.
  1. Noisy or quiet?: My family always asks, “how can you read with all this noise?” and honestly, if I’m super into the book, an alarm could be going off and I wouldn’t flinch, so I don’t even notice the TV blaring or my family chatting. I will always prefer to read in a quiet space but it’s not a must.
  1. Buy or borrow books?: It’s no secret that I love libraries, working at one and all. I will always try to borrow my books first, especially if I’m unsure I’ll like them. If the book isn’t available to borrow, I’ll buy it on my kindle, and then if I fall in love with the book, I’ll buy the physical copy as well. The exception to this is books by authors I love and trust. I’ll typically buy those physical copies right away!
  1. One book at a time, or several at once?: One at a time. Always. I love to really immerse myself into the stories I read, so being pulled into more than one story at once would just take away from my enjoyment of the books. I can *maybe* listen to an audiobook while I’m reading another one but even that can be problematic for me.

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