A Bookish Birthday Gift Guide

As of February 18th, we have officially entered Pisces season!! Happy Birthday to all my fellow fish! I wanted to mark the start of this season with a fun gift guide for anyone looking to buy something, besides a book, for a book-lover in their life but doesn’t know where to start! Here are a few things, in no particular order, that I wouldn’t mind receiving for my birthday *wink, wink*.

1. Book Sleeves

Book sleeves are a must-have for all book-lovers who can’t leave home without a book. I’ve been guilty of just using a Ziplock bag but I think it’s about time for an upgrade. I love this book sleeve I found by the Etsy shop QuirkyCupCo!


 As someone who reads one book at a time, I only need one good bookmark. But so many in the bookish community collect bookmarks. These gorgeous resin bookmarks from Esty shop LeiMomiBy are to die for!

3. E-reader covers

If you’re anything like me, you have half of your library on your Kindle or e-reader. I LOVE my Kindle Paperwhite, but it is pretty plain-looking, so when I saw these e-reader cases from Klever Case, I instantly knew I needed one!

4. Candles

I recently noticed three “C”s that almost all book-lovers are obsessed with. Cats, Coffee, and Candles. There are so many delicious candles out there, and some of them are specifically book-themed, like this one from SaltedBurns. I don’t know what a library-scented candle smells like, but I want to find out.

5. Mugs

So, we covered candles, now onto coffee. There is nothing better than sipping a warm beverage from a beautiful (preferably large) mug while diving into a good book. Bonus points if you cover the third “C” and there is a cat on it.

I adore the aesthetic of an oversized glass mug like this one from erikaelizabethdesign.

6. Dust Jackets

Okay, so I know I said I hate dust jackets in my post about book formats, and I stand by that… when I’m reading the book. I adore a pretty dust jacket that makes my books pop on my bookshelves. I had no idea you could buy different ones until recently, and I want them all! Particularly this gorgeous ACOTAR set from The Bookish Shop.

7. Bath Caddy

I don’t know about you, but there have been SO many times that all I wanted to do was read while taking a bubble bath, but I just don’t trust my butter-fingers not to drop my book straight into the tub with me. A quick fix for that would be a bath caddy like this one from EverettLaneDesigns.

8. Signed books from a favorite author

Gone are the days of standing in long lines for hours to get your book signed by your favorite authors! Yes, it would be super cool to meet those authors, but I think it’s fantastic that you can now go online and purchase a signed book. Some authors, like Colleen Hoover, even offer to personalize it!

9. Gift cards

 Gift cards are always a fantastic gift! I know they don’t feel like a super thoughtful or personal gift, but books aren’t cheap, but that doesn’t stop book-lovers from buying more than we can read. Any extra funds we can get to fuel this book addiction are much appreciated! Check out local bookstores for gift cards. Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and Booksamillion are good choices too!

10. Offer to read and discuss their favorite book

Some of the best gifts don’t cost a thing! Honestly, I know so many book-lovers, myself included, that would just LOVE to have a friend, partner or loved one express desire to read their favorite book. It shows that you support their love of reading and they get to witness all of your reactions, which is really all we want. It also has the added benefit that you will finally understand their ramblings about said book (which really never ends). My best friend is currently reading ACOTAR for me and it makes me so happy!

Fellow book-lovers! What is your favorite bookish item to recieve as a gift? let me know in the comments below!

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